Profile of Edwin van Stam

In the ever changing IT industry I have fulfilled many roles. Starting as a software engineer, designer and architect at Capgemini, I have learned the magic of software development from multiple angles. I have practised my passion for solid product development and efficient delivery by stimulating teams to make smart choices throughout the development cycle. Initially based on waterfall and later fully focussed on the flexible agile approach.


The agile way of working very much suits me as a person. To dare to experiment and adapt along the way while continuously improving and delivering result is a most interesting game. Challenging for development teams but even more for companies as a whole. The massive change faced by transforming companies is often difficult, frustrating even, but when done properly highly rewarding. In this playing field I am at my best.


In the past 6 years I have been involved in the agile transformation processes of a bank and an airline, in both cases while guiding one or more scrum development teams operating in the heart of the change.





Personal details


SurnameStam, van
First name (E.R.) Edwin
Year of birth1972


Company nameEvS Consulting
Phone number+31 (0)6-29129390
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