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Scrum master, Delivery Lead 
@Air France KLM 

01-09-2012 - 31-03-2019

 As a scrum master of multiple joint Air France KLM teams I have worked on the e-booking web system (finding flights) and the innovative Wi-Fi on board product. At the same time, as a delivery lead, I was responsible for delivering the software changes created by the teams to the production environment. In the case of the Wi-Fi on board product, a delivery process was to be invented to load software on board of the aircrafts in collaboration with technical avionic engineers and connectivity suppliers amongst which Panasonic and Gogo. We developed a competitive supplier independent platform enabling multiple touchpoints (applications) to use connectivity on board agnostic to supplier specifics.

In parallel I acted in a leading role in the Air France KLM ‘Scaling Agile’ program as a representative for product teams going through the agile transformation. Main task here was to support the organisation in enabling product teams to become self-steering and independent.