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Release Train Engineer@Shell

18-09-2019 - now


Shell is developing a cloud based platform to support cloud application developers and applications.

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Scrum master, Delivery Lead 
@Air France KLM 

01-09-2012 - 31-03-2019

 As a scrum master of multiple joint Air France KLM teams I have worked on the e-booking web system (finding flights) and the innovative Wi-Fi on board product. At the same time, as a delivery lead, I was responsible for delivering the software changes created by the teams to the production environment. In the case of the Wi-Fi on board product, a delivery process was to be invented to load software on board of the aircrafts in collaboration with technical avionic engineers and connectivity suppliers amongst which Panasonic and Gogo. We developed a competitive supplier independent platform enabling multiple touchpoints (applications) to use connectivity on board agnostic to supplier specifics.

In parallel I acted in a leading role in the Air France KLM ‘Scaling Agile’ program as a representative for product teams going through the agile transformation. Main task here was to support the organisation in enabling product teams to become self-steering and independent.


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IT Team lead, Manager Application Management, Scrum master
édit Agricole Consumer Finance

25-05-2009 to 1-12-2012


 The first 7 months of my assignment at Crédit Agricole I led the software development team (15 fte) and reported to the ICT management. Main challenge was to professionalise the development and maintenance processes and balance the team competences to enable the launch of a new customer self-service product. 

As the company was reorganising and new departments were introduced, I temporarily took over the role of the manager of the ‘Application management – front office’ department (9 months) extending my tasks with HR and restructuring the ICT department. While doing this I started the redesign of the software development process from a Rational Unified Process (RUP) to a scrum driven process. After handing over my managers role, I guided the first scrum teams as a scrum master and acted as an agile coach for management.

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Tecnical team lead, Designer 

16-7-2008 to 31-3-2009


Alliander is an energy network company dealing with energy transport and distribution in the Netherlands. During my assignment Alliander was replacing old analogue energy meters for smart digital meters. As a technical team lead  of a (Java) development team I have delivered various webservices to expose meter readings to energy suppliers like Nuon.

My main tasks were based on the Rational Unified Process (RUP) disciplines “requirements”; to bring existing use cases to a ready-to-implement state, “analysis and design”; assist in setting up the software architecture document and “management”; estimate work, set priorities for the team and manage time. In addition I assisted in maturing the development and delivery process used in the construction phase of the project.

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Software architect, engineer
@Wolters Kluwer

01-05-2007 to 31-1-2008


The global content delivery platform of publisher Wolters Kluwer must be exposed remotely to a portlet suite. In addition a continuous delivery process needs to be set up used to efficiently develop portal applications.

 In collaboration with the software architect I have translated Wolters Kluwer’s vision on development (re-use, fast time-to-market and flexible to change) into a sustainable architecture and software design. We implemented a well-documented and tested development process utilizing a suite of re-usable portlets. The process is based on Rational unified Process (RUP) which we have tailored to support the organisation’s needs.

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Team lead, Lead design
@ING Bank Netherlands IT

21-06-2006 to 30-04-2007


The ING Postbank callcenter application needs to be rebuild to become more flexible, future proof and meet the internal architectural and infrastructural standards.

As the team lead and lead designer I am responsible for risk & impact analysis, planning & calculation and guidance of the development team implementing a proof of concept of a generic framework. After the successful completion I have tailored the development process to work with the new framework and supported developers on how to use the process. During the implementation phase my main task was to oversee development and assure quality.

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Technical teamlead, Lead designer 
@F. van Lanschot Bankers

01-08-2005 to 20-06-2006


Van Lanschot is massively modernizing their service providing based on their new Internet strategy. The first phase is to integrate the public website with two standalone applications; online payment and online investment.

As the technical team lead of both the online payment team, based in Utrecht, and the online investment team, based in Mumbai I was mainly focusing on setting up the offshore project and get the joint development and communication right (partly on location in India). In this technically complex project I have also advised on architecture and led the design efforts.

For Capgemini this was one of the first onshore-offshore projects and therefore also used as an exploratory case. We managed to break even which was perceived a success. The end product was released to customer satisfaction.

Additional assignments



From 01-02-1998 to 28-11-2005


28-11-2002 - 29-07-2005 Cato Messaging Service                                  
Java, JBoss Application ServerProject lead, lead designer                                 

21-10-2002 - 25-11-2002Vola (ING Group)
Java, WebsphereSoftware engineer, designer

25-09-2002 - 14-10-2002Dutch State Lotery
BEA Weblogic Portal ServerTeam lead

26-02-2002 - 24-09-2002Hopper Union
Java, WebsphereSoftware engineer, designer

22-10-2001 - 22-02-2002Rabobank International
Java, XMLTechnischal team lead teamleider (partly in the UK)

01-01-2001 - 19-10-2001Ahold
Java, Web front-end, XMLDesigner, coach, team lead

07-12-2000 - 21-12-2000ING Bank
IntranetAnalist, consultant

03-10-2000 - 16-11-2000New Monday
Java (JEE)Architect, designer

01-04-2000 - 30-09-2000ABN Amro bank
Java (Visual Age)Software engineer, team lead

01-10-1999 - 01-10-2000De Goudse Verzekeringen
Java (Visual Age)Programeur, junior architect

01-06-1999 - 31-08-1999Stigas GUO Groep
Paradox, MS-AccessAnalist, designer, engineer

01-03-1999 - 31-05-1999Miss Etam
Java (Apptivity, 4GL)Analist, designer, engineer

01-01-1999 - 28-02-1999Stigas GUO Groep
Java (Apptivity, 4GL)Analist, designer, engineer

15-11-1998 - 31-12-1998ABN Amro bank
Java, JBuilderDesigner, engineer

01-09-1998 - 14-11-1998Postbank (ING Group)
Visual Basic, MS-AccessSystem tester, engineer

01-08-1998 - 15-08-1998Dutch State Lotery
Java (applet)Analyst, engineer

01-06-1998 - 31-07-1998Fortis
MS-AccessAnalist, engineer

01-05-1998 - 30-06-1998Capgemini (internal)
Visual BasicProgrammer